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Sam Libby’s Street Screed


My father was a good man.

      And yet,

      He was a degenerate sports gambler.

      Life with my father was often a roller coaster ride

      full of boom and bust.

      Material things would come.

      Material things would go.

      And life,

      its own self,

      would go on.

      I am grateful for this early Gnostic instruction\training.

      For my solo life voyage

      has also been a roller coaster ride

      of boom and bust.


      more bust than boom.

      With a lot of time living on the edge.

      Looking into the abyss.

      Much of my adult working life has involved writing for newspapers.

      I wrote for the New York Times for 16 years.

      I wrote for the Hartford Courant for 12 years.

      These were not real jobs.

      I was an independent contractor.

      I got paid by the story.

      I barely made rent.

      I’ve been a commercial lobster fisherman.

      I’ve grown and smuggled weed.

      I’ve done construction.

      I’ve done demolition.

      I play harmonicas

      and I sing.

      People tell me that they’ve never heard anyone play harmonicas

      as I do.

      And sometimes

      they mean it

      as a complement.      

      I have figured out

      that life is not about acquiring things.

      Its not about being further


      weighted down

      by materiality/things,

      your expectations of others,

      others expectations of you.
      It’s about the lightness
      of being.

      This is my mythic truth

      We live in a Gnostic Universe

      It is a fallen universe/cosmos,

      ruled by a fallen, spiritual entity,

      the demi-urge,

      the god of religions.

      And yet,


      because we have

      a scintilla

      a spark

      of true divinity

      we are

      the HIGHER BEING

      The HUMAN


      all the gods
      of organized religion.
      And yet,

      We have become



      in materiality,

      in a low vibration physicality.

      We are imprisoned in this fallen world.

      The demi-urge is the warden.

      There are HUMANS who have escaped.

      I seek to become one of them.

      I am 65 years-old.

      I am,

      no doubt,


      And yet,

      I have enough

      to pull back from the edge.
     I have enough

      to delight in my life

      this time to figure out

      what comes next.

      I delight in this blazing, glorious Indian Summer

      I find myself in.

      For it is a true Indian Summer

      that follows hard-frosts of mortality.