According to the government of China only 2,535 people in Wuhan died from COVID-19.

The government says they are victorious in the fight

against this new pathogen,

this new disease.

They say

they are the model that should be emulated by the world.

But residents of Wuhan say the government of China


Residents report tens of thousands of cremation urns are being trucked to Wuhans’ eight funeral homes.

A resident reports, “The incinerators have been working round-the-clock.”

Some scientists believe the government of China has downplayed Chinas’ numbers of confirmed cases and deaths by a factor of 15 to 40 times.

It is the numbers of dead,

the gross physicality of the stacked up corpses,

the effort required to dispose of them,

that contradict the government of China’s


Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber’s covid-19 failure started in April 2018.

His administration began to systematically dismantle everything that had been put in place by the Bush (Sr.) Clinton, Bush (the younger) and Obama administrations to respond to bio-terrorism and pandemics.

He fired the leadership and dismantled the team of scientists in place.

In his proposed budget for 2020 he calls for further budget cuts for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health agencies, that would eviscerate these agencies.

Government exercises, including one last year, made clear the U.S. was not ready for a pandemic like this one.

Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber did nothing.

He played a lot of golf.

At the end of January Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber’s economic adviser, Peter Navarro, circulated a memo warning of covid-19 via the National Security Council.

 It was widely circulated around the White House and federal agencies.

And yet,

Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber may not have read it.

He was playing a lot of golf.

The memo warned that the novel coronavirus had the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and derail the US economy.

It urged Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber to take immediate emergency action.

Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber continued to play a lot of golf.

His administration failed in the timely development of test kits.

It continues to fail in making tests widely available.

It continues to fail in providing desperately needed protective medical gear for health care workers.

And because of many health care workers get sick and die.

It continues to fail in providing ventilators

whose lack will be the cause of many more deaths.

He said he would lift social distancing measures by Easter

and called for churches to be full on Easter.

When Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber backed away from lifting social distancing measures by Easter there were over 1,000 dead,

– with at least 200,000 more expected.

Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber is, of course, trying to lie his way out of this.

He says he always knew this was coming.

He says his response to the pandemic – like his phone call to the Ukraine

– has been perfect.

And yet,

the numbers of dead,

the gross physicality of the stacked up corpses,

the effort required to dispose of them

contradict his


As covid-19 overwhelms a country’s health care system it also overwhelms its system for disposing of the dead.

The dead are overwhelming Lombardy, in Northern Italy.

Most families of covid-19 victims are choosing cremation over burial, for fear of catching the virus from the dead.

Crematoriums are working seven days a week, 24 hours each day.

And they are still overwhelmed.

The same is beginning to happen all-over the world.

Dead are rotting in homes because there is no way of disposing of them.

Crematoriums are now burning 24/7 in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

The government of China and Donnie P.P. Pussygrabber will continue to try to lie their way out of this.

And yet,

the numbers of dead,

the gross physicality of the stacked up corpses,

the effort required to dispose of them,

will contradict their


Sam Libby

Sam Libby (a.k.a. Rabbi SchmuDawg) currently resides in Terranas, Dominican Republic and is completing a collection of Central American stories entitled 'The Gonzo/Kukalcan Papers', to be published in spring 2021.

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